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        BREAKING NEWS: Donjon-SMIT and MSRC Announce Alliance to Assist Shipowners with OPA 90 Services

        New! Alliance News Vol. 4, Issue 2, October 2013

        Welcome to Donjon-SMIT

        Donjon-SMIT is a unique provider of Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA-90) maritime vessel emergency response services in which the nearly 200 years of corporate expertise of? DONJON and? SMIT is combined. The joint venture provides marine salvage, lightering and firefighting services for compliance and response related to OPA-90 requirements.

        View an interactive map of our casualty responses by clicking here.

        View frequently asked questions about selecting a salvor and VRPs.

        We are one of the first salvors in the country to meet the? new OPA-90 salvage and firefighting regulations, and look forward to covering your vessels upon their visit to the U.S.? Donjon-SMIT offers all services required in today's marine salvage business; from highly trained personnel to modern tugboats and specialized equipment to protect the marine environment.

        We provide swift, cost-effective OPA-90 related maritime salvage, lightering and firefighting services to any tank or non-tank vessel in U.S. waters, leveraging the unparalleled expertise and equipment of the joint venture partners and their global outreach. By doing so, the joint venture protects both shipowner and environmental interests and sets the industry standard for OPA-90 response services to the maritime community.

        Use the sidebar on the right to find out more about Donjon-SMIT, or click here to see the latest Posts & Updates.

        Donjon-SMIT and MSRC Announce Alliance to Assist Shipowners with OPA 90 Services

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