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      1. Services | DONJON-SMIT


        The joint venture aims to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective, around-the-clock nationwide compliance and response coverage while serving the best interests of ship-owners and the environment.? We provide:

        Stand-by Coverage for Salvage, Firefighting and Lightering

        As of Jan 2006, Donjon-Smit is offering this service at no cost to its clients. Coverage includes all parts of the U.S., including the State of California.? Contact us for contract forms and more information. Assistance in Compliance (Preparation of VRP’s)
        Donjon-Smit does not prepare Vessel Response Plans. However, we will recommend, at no charge to our clients, a plan preparer if asked.


        The Vessel Response Plans require shipping companies to perform readiness drills:

        -? Drills over the phone (notification, or otherwise) will be free of charge;

        -? Drills with more significant participation or asset mobilization will be billed at our standard daily rates.

        Damaged Stability Calculations

        Damaged stability calculations, and the creation of file formats to support those calculations can be provided upon request. Please contact Donjon-Smit for cost information.

        Other Services

        Other services required for OPA 90 coverage to include contracting an OSRO, setting up a Spill Response Team etc. can be arranged by Donjon-SMIT in its full service arrangement without any markup whatsoever.

        For more information about Donjon-SMIT services: