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      1. OPA-90 Coverage | DONJON-SMIT


        Backed by over 200 years combined experience of the world’s leading marine casualty responders the joint venture aims to provide the highest quality, most cost effective, around-the-clock nationwide compliance and response coverage while serving the best interests of shipowners and the environment.

        Donjon and SMIT have salvaged thousands of vessels of all types and sizes throughout the world. Donjon owns an extensive fleet of tugs, derricks and barges in addition to salvage, firefighting, pumping and diving equipment. Global salvor SMIT brings to the alliance its expertise and experience, international fleet and sophisticated equipment, including that used to recover oils and chemicals from stranded or sunken vessels, including those at extreme depths.? Donjon-SMIT manages an extensive, strategically-positioned emergency response network with around-the-clock coverage across the entire United States, from Guam to St. Thomas; from Florida to Alaska.

        U.S. government authorities have full confidence in Donjon and SMIT, evidenced by the award of numerous U.S. Navy salvage contracts to both during the past 35 years and an unprecedented record of accomplishment in U.S. salvage response. Donjon and SMIT have responded to countless high-profile cases and multiple maritime emergencies like the disasters created by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike.