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      1. OPA-90 | DONJON-SMIT


        Donjon-SMIT is ready to assist owners and operators in their efforts to meet OPA-90 requirements.? The venture brings together a major U.S. salvor headquartered in New Jersey and a global salvor with a strong U.S. presence centered in Houston, Texas.

        The Compliance Decision Tool (EZ) can be accessed here. You will need to contact Donjon-Smit to receive the password. Thank-you for your patience.

        History of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA-90)

        A brief overview and background on the landmark congressional legislation,

        New United States Coast Guard Salvor and Marine Firefighter Regulations

        The USCG published new OPA-90 Salvage and Marine Firefighting regulations at the end of 2008.? With the new regulations came selection criteria for your maritime salvage and marine firefighting provider.

        The Coast Guard amended the vessel response plan salvage and marine firefighting requirements for tank vessels carrying oil.? These revisions clarify the salvage and marine firefighting services that must be identified in vessel response plans and set new response time requirements for each of the required salvage and marine firefighting services. The changes ensure that the appropriate salvage and marine firefighting resources are identified and available for responding to incidents up to and including the worst case discharge scenario.

        Donjon-SMIT's OPA-90 Coverage

        An overview on the reach and broad scope of coverage that Donjon-SMIT provides to their customers at no cost.? OPA-90 salvage service agreements are provided by Donjon-SMIT in a spirit of? partnership with vessel owners and operators.? These are pre-event arrangements naming Donjon-SMIT in the mandated VRPs.