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      1. Donjon-SMIT and MSRC Announce Alliance to Assist Shipowners with OPA 90 Services

        January 7th, 2014

        Alexandria, VA – Donjon-SMIT and Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) are pleased to announce the establishment of a cooperative alliance. This alliance, while it can support both tank and non-tank vessel owners, will include the ability of non-tank vessel owners to establish their pre-arranged agreements with both Donjon-SMIT and MSRC, required under recent NTVRP regulations by January 30, 2014 through enrollment linkages on either company’s website, as well as cooperation between the two companies in the event of a spill response or salvage/firefighting incident.

        “We are very excited about this alliance and the enhanced services it will allow us to offer our customers,” Donjon-SMIT President Raymond Lord said. “To have an alliance with MSRC, the largest, dedicated oil spill and emergency response organization in the United States, is a tremendous opportunity that will result in our being able to offer the best, most robust and state-of-the-art resources for marine salvage and oil spill response in the nation.”

        MSRC President and CEO Steve Benz said, “Often times in a shipping event, a spill response or the threat of a spill response is closely associated with a potential salvage and firefighting challenge. Shipping customers of both MSRC and Donjon-SMIT will have the benefit of knowing that between the two companies the best and most efficient resources will be determined to make for a successful response.”

        While this cooperative alliance will facilitate and support customers of both organizations in operations as well as compliance with OPA-90, it is important to note that there is no exclusivity requiring customers of either organization to contract exclusively with the other. Both Donjon-SMIT and MSRC recognize that operational choices and relationships may impact decisions on OPA-90 contracting.

        The Marine Spill Response Corporation is a not-for-profit, U.S. Coast Guard Classified Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) formed in 1990 to offer oil spill response services and mitigate damage to the environment. MSRC provides marine oil and oil-related OPA 90 related spill response and clean-up services to organizations involved in the handling and transport of oil and other substances. An extensive inventory of response equipment in its arsenal is stored and maintained at MSRC's pre-positioned equipment sites across the U.S. MSRC's capabilities are augmented by its Spill Team Area Responders (STARs) contractor network. This nationwide network includes over 100 companies at over 200 locations. MSRC is funded exclusively by the Marine Preservation Association (MPA). MPA is comprised of companies operating in the petroleum, energy and related transportation industries. This includes many of the largest oil and gas companies, and their related shipping companies, in the world. For more information on MSRC, go to www.msrc.org.

        Donjon-SMIT is a unique provider of OPA-90 maritime vessel emergency response services in which the more than 200 years of corporate expertise of Donjon Marine and SMIT Salvage is combined. The joint venture provides marine salvage, lightering and firefighting services for compliance and response related to OPA-90 requirements. For more information on Donjon-SMIT go to www.bjchb.cn.

        Click the below link to read the press release in full:

        Donjon-SMIT and MSRC Announce Alliance to Assist Shipowners with OPA 90 Services

        Alliance News Vol. 4, Issue 2 – October 2013

        October 20th, 2013

        We are pleased to share with you our latest issue of Alliance News.

        In this issue:

        1. Donjon-SMIT From Doug Martin's Perspective
        2. Non-Tank Vessel Owners: Can You Confidently Sign Your VRP?
        3. Donjon-SMIT Activates Rapid Response to Breached Tanker Hull

        Click the below link to download:

        DONJON-SMIT?Alliance News Vol. 4, Issue 1 - March 2013

        “Nontank Vessel Response Plans and Other Response Plan Requirements” Final Rule

        September 30th, 2013
        The "Nontank Vessel Response Plans and Other Response Plan Requirements" Final Rule was published September 30, 2013 in the Federal Register. The regulations come into effect on October 30th, 2013 and NTVRPs must be submitted to the U.S. Coast Guard by January 30, 2014.

        The rule, in accordance with the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Acts of 2004 and 2006 and the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, requires nontank vessel owners or operators to prepare and submit oil spill response plans for vessels operating in the navigable waters of the United States. This rule applies to nontank vessels of 400 gross tons or greater that operate on the navigable waters of the United States. The owners or operators of nontank vessels will be required to submit an oil spill response plan to the Coast Guard.

        These regulations can be viewed here: Nontank Vessel Response Plans and Other Response Plan Requirements.

        Alliance News Vol. 4, Issue 1 – March 2013

        March 25th, 2013
        We are pleased to share with you our latest issue of Alliance News. In this issue:
        2. Donjon-SMIT Responds to Crippled Sealand Eagle

        Click the below link to download:

        DONJON-SMIT?Alliance News Vol. 4, Issue 1 - March 2013

        Alliance News Vol. 3, Issue 3 – September 2012

        December 6th, 2012

        We are pleased to share with you our latest issue of Alliance News.

        In this issue:

        1. Donjon-SMIT's Innovative Compliance Tool Pinpoints Salvage Resources
        2. Response to Damaged Ship Called "Phenomenal" by Coast Guard
        3. Donjon-SMIT: A Global Alliance

        Click the below link to download:

        DONJON-SMIT Alliance News Vol. 3, Issue 3 - September 2012

        AMO first responders participate in Donjon-SMIT drill

        January 30th, 2012

        American Maritime Officers members participated in an activation drill in the New York area for the Donjon-SMIT LLC Salvage Marine Fire Fighting Network. PRONAV Offshore Services LLC manages this nationwide network of first responders for Donjon-SMIT.

        The AMO first responders help fulfill an important mandate of new Coast Guard regulations, which require each tank vessel calling at a U.S. port to pre-designate a marine salvage company within its tank vessel response plan to ensure rapid response to any casualty involving damage to the vessel with the potential to spill oil. Read more in the article that was posted in AMO's newsletter...

        Donjon-SMIT OPA-90 Training Day

        December 14th, 2011
        Written by Chris Law, and reprinted from Martin & Ottaway's blog.

        December 08, 2011 Donjon Marine Co. Inc., HQ in Hillside NJ hosted the latest in the Donjon-SMIT, OPA-90 Salvage and Marine Fire Fighting (SMFF) network Captain of the Port Zone (COTPZ) training drills. The drill was attended by PRONAV Flex Crew fire fighting first response individuals, Donjon-SMIT, SMIT Salvage Americas and Martin & Ottaway RSA.

          The day began with a dynamic presentation on OPA-90 SMFF requirements, followed by a tour of Donjon Marine Co.’s Port Elizabeth facility and resources. The second half of the day was devoted to a breakout and familiarization session of the custom fire-fighting equipment containers that would be shipped to a fire-fighting casualty response.

          The containers demonstrated are highly customized (yet standard dimension) air-freight containers, specifically acquired and developed by Donjon-SMIT for efficient transportation to casualty sites and pack an incredible amount of high quality fire-fighting equipment. The container inventory has been developed and evolved through responses to numerous casualties worldwide and includes a vital array of metric and S.I. adaptors and couplings that facilitate equipment use regardless of geographical location and facility interface.


        One of the two equipment containers

        After “suiting-up” in the personal fire suits and breathing apparatus the attending PRONAV Flex Crew members stated how impressed they were with the quality, suitability and quantity of the equipment that would be available to them in the event of a casualty response.  

        PRONAV Flex Crew Members (and the author back left) in the Donjon-SMIT personal fire fighting suits


        November 7th, 2011



        November 3, 2011

        Contact: Debra Colbert, DONJON-SMIT, 301/332-0813; daccomm@aol.com


        Alexandria, VA – It was announced today that Raymond Lord has been named President of Donjon-SMIT, LLC, effective November 8.

        A native of Houston, Texas, Mr. Lord has more than 30 years of experience within the marine salvage industry, most recently serving as Vice President and Operations Manager for SMIT Americas in Houston.

        “We are very happy to welcome Raymond Lord to Donjon-SMIT,” said John A. Witte, Jr., Director, Donjon-SMIT. “We look forward to a long and productive future with him at the helm,” Douglas Martin, Director, Donjon-SMIT, added.

        Raymond Lord, President, Donjon-SMIT

        National Maritime Salvage Conference & Expo

        August 15th, 2011

        From October 4th till 6th, 2011, the American Salvage Association & Marine Log host the National Maritime Salvage Conference & Expo, a the Key Bridge Marriott hotel in Arlington, Virginia. ?Presented will be renowned experts from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and shipping, salvage and insurance organizations to discuss and debate hot industry topics. ?We hope you can attend! ?You can find more information by clicking:

        2011 Salvage Conference Program, and

        2011 Salvage Conference  


        July 11th, 2011

        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 11, 2011

        Contact: Debra Colbert, 301/332-0813; daccomm@aol.com

        Alexandria, VA – A Donjon-SMIT client today received the first Tank Vessel Response Plan (TVRP) Salvage and Marine Firefighting (SMFF) Update Approval issued by the U.S. Coast Guard under the new SMFF regulations.

        The SMFF regulations, effective as of February 22, 2011, required that plan-holders revise their TVRPs with numerous new salvage and marine firefighting response procedures to be supported by extensive additional contracted response resources. The rules also required documentary evidence of compliance, including an SMFF Contract and Funding Agreement and Vessel Prefire Plans.

        Donjon-SMIT’s innovative approach to SMFF regulatory compliance documentation locates a substantial segment of the newly required information and documents on the web, simplifying the TVRP update submission process by minimizing the paperwork.

        “Our goal has been to ensure our clients full compliance with every element of the SMFF regulations. That goal has guided our unique approach to the specifics of TVRP SMFF documentation requirements,” said Donjon-SMIT President Paul Hankins. “Our system maximizes web-based efficiencies, providing our clients with an SMFF compliance documentation product that is both comprehensive and user-friendly.”

        Throughout the TVRP update revision and review process, Donjon-SMIT worked in close cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard to ensure that all documentation submitted on behalf of Donjon-SMIT clients would meet U.S. Coast Guard standards and expectations.

        Interested tank vessel owners/operators, as well as other parties, should contact Donjon-SMIT at 1-703/299-0081 or visit www.bjchb.cn. If non-tank vessel owners or operators are interested in reviewing the program, a summary will be provided upon request.


        For more information, visit www.bjchb.cn, or e-mail info@donjon-smit.com.