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      1. Partners | DONJON-SMIT


        Our Strategic Response Partners include:
        • Cudd Well Control
        • Rain For Rent
        • SEACOR
        • Martin & Ottaway RSA
        • PRONAV SMFF Network

        Cudd Well Control

        Cudd Well Control has been a leader in well firefighting for more than a quarter of a century. From well control projects in the Americas to blowouts in remote areas across the globe, Cudd has long demonstrated their capabilities under pressure.

        As one of the world’s top well firefighters, Cudd Well Control was called upon by the U.S. government to respond to oil well fires - 788 separate well fires set in Kuwait’s oil fields by the retreating Iraqi army - after Operation Desert Storm.? Experts predicted that putting out the Kuwaiti oil field fires would take four to five years. As a result of Cudd’s state-of-the-art firefighting techniques and technology, the fires were extinguished within just nine months, and it was widely reported that the resulting environmental disaster, already unprecedented in scope, would have been much, much worse without Cudd’s applied expertise.

        Cudd Well Control maintains an impressive store of firefighting equipment in their Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming warehouse facilities ready to be transported by air to any location on short notice.


        Rain for Rent

        Rain for Rent has been setting the performance standard for complete liquid handling solutions since 1934. The experienced professionals at Rain for Rent design and install a system that will provide a solution for each customer's unique project in an efficient and cost effective manner.

        Rain for Rent solutions, be it water filtration system or dewatering system, can be tailored for a specific industry job site, from the simplest liquid-handling solution to the most complex, large flow bypass pumping job. Every product and solution Rain for Rent offers is specifically designed to provide maximum value to Rain for Rent's customers.

        From the water pumps and pipe for infrastructure improvement, liquid storage tanks for environmental projects, filtration systems to help meet discharge restrictions, dewatering boxes for waste minimization and a myriad of other unique solutions.


        Martin & Ottaway RSA Network

        Martin & Ottaway is a leading marine consulting firm that has been in continuous operation since 1875. The firm has been involved as a technical and operational consultant with literally hundreds of nation wide and worldwide marine calamities ranging from the Morro Castle to the Normandy fire/ capsize, to the Aegean Captain/Atlantic Empress collision, to the Exxon Valdez, to the Staten Island ferry disaster. The company provides technical and operational services for underwriters, regulatory agencies, governments, financiers, cargo owners and ship owners and through its experience has exceptional knowledge of emergency technical and operational processes and has contacts throughout the nation. In response to the OPA 90 rapid response salvage requirements, Martin & Ottaway has developed the Rapid Situation Assessor (RSA) network, which is a nationwide network of maritime professionals operating in all Captain of the Port Zones who have agreed to provide Rapid Situation Assessment services when a marine emergency arises in their operating area. This network rapidly puts marine professionals that have wide ranging experience in dealing with marine emergencies at the emergency location and initiates the vital early information and evaluation flow to the contracted salvor’s command center.


        PRONAV SMFF Network

        Donjon-SMIT has partnered with PRONAV Offshore Services LLC to recruit and maintain a set of qualified mariners to assist with casualty response operations. These mariners help fulfill an important requirement of the new regulations to have local personnel quickly available as first line responders to shipboard fires and other marine casualties. The capability is designed to provide exceptional marine casualty response services for all COTP Zones.