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        SMIT's name is synonymous with total commitment to the challenging field of salvage and marine emergency response where good care for the environment is prioritized. Our name is also one of the foremost connected with wreck removal and port clearance operations. The track record of SMIT in this area is without parallel.

        As the world's most experienced and leading marine salvor, we maintain round-the-clock readiness for operations anywhere in the world. Salvage is the first line of defense against marine pollution when major casualties occur. No company has made a greater contribution to the development of salvage capability and thus to the protection of our environment than SMIT.

        Marine emergency response at this level requires the experience of dedicated salvage professionals, supported by specialized vessels and equipment. Our full range of engineering facilities and logistics support worldwide, ensure that we can operate effectively at remote locations.? Rapidly changing demands and a new emphasis on the care of the environment have encouraged SMIT to offer special services in the area of environmental care. SMIT's in-house R&D Department developed a Remote Offloading System (ROLS) that enables to offload bunkers (oil or chemicals) in wrecks at a depth of more than hundred meters.

        Salvage services:
        • Wreck removal
        • Marine emergency response
        • Diving services (air & saturation)
        • Marine fire fighting
        • Underwater survey, video inspection
        • Underwater bulker/cargo removal
        • Marine and salvage consultancy
        • Managing Marine Emergencies course