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      1. Donjon Marine Company | DONJON-SMIT


        For over three decades, Donjon has been providing salvage and salvage-related services to both U.S. and worldwide marine communities. The company has proven over its thirty-year history the capability to cost effectively provide these services inland, coastal and open-ocean environments.? The company owns, operates and maintains dedicated salvage specific casualty response assets including inland- coastal- and ocean tugs, ocean certified derrick- and cargo barges, high volume and high head submersible pumping systems, portable pulling power, fire-fighting gear, and underwater dive equipment.

        A family of experienced marine professionals, Donjon Marine is a company dedicated to and empowered by the strength of our people, our participating sister companies, and our network of salvage associates that manage any and all marine challenges.? Donjon Marine has established and continues to seek long-term client relationships in a world were limited business resources demand a constant balancing of expenditures. This proven track record of responding quickly and cost-effectively to client requirements is the basis for industry, regulatory, and surety confidence.

        Donjon's experience includes salvage and wreck removals requiring use of:

        • Tugs, crew and supply vessels
        • Heavy lift derricks and submersible barges
        • Barge-mounted pulling systems
        • Lightering of volatile cargoes
        • Containment and remediation of hazardous cargoes spilled into the environment
        • Side Scan Sonar
        • ROV's
        • Air, mixed gas and saturation diving
        • Compressed air
        • Hot-tapping of cargo tanks in a deep water environment
        • Naval Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering