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        About Us

        In December 2004, two premiere marine salvage and casualty responders, Donjon Marine Co., Inc. of Hillside, NJ and SMIT Salvage Americas, Inc. of Houston, TX, joined forces to create the Donjon-SMIT OPA-90 Alliance.? Donjon and SMIT Salvage have committed their expertise and resources to the Donjon-SMIT joint venture to provide marine salvage, firefighting and lightering compliance and response services to all vessels trading in U.S. waters under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA-90) and related U.S. state regulations.

        Donjon-SMIT, with assets coast-to-coast, has established the 21st century standard of excellence in marine casualty response. With environmental protection as a top priority, the joint venture meets every challenge created by the complex U.S. regulatory framework.

        Whether responding to a grounding, a collision, a fire - whatever the nature of the casualty - Donjon-SMIT brings highly trained personnel, specialized state-of-the-art equipment, a strong commitment to environmental protection, and a results-oriented work ethic to every response.

        Donjon-SMIT Services:


        Donjon-SMIT was formed to assist vessel owners seeking compliance with the demanding emergency preparedness and response components of OPA-90 and related state regulations.? OPA-90 was enacted in 1990 to prevent and/or mitigate tank vessel oil pollution. In subsequent years, the scope of OPA-90 has expanded to include non-tank vessels.

        States imposed additional state-specific requirements. The current regulatory framework demands an unprecedented level of preparedness and pre-planning to ensure a fully? integrated response.

        Vessel owners contracting coverage from Donjon-SMIT are assured of compliance with every aspect of U.S. federal and state salvage, firefighting and emergency lightering response regulations.


        To provide swift, cost-effective, environmentally conscious OPA-90 and related maritime salvage, firefighting and lightering services to every tank or non-tank vessel trading in U.S. waters.? Donjon-SMIT leverages the unparalleled expertise, equipment, and global reach of its joint venture partners to protect both ship-owner and environmental interests, while setting the industry standard for OPA-90 response services to the maritime community.